Monday, April 9, 2012

Egg Hunt

Happy Monday!!!

Anyone else feeling refreshed from the weekend??? Jon and I had a wonderful "Family Weekend" as we're calling it. Since we are now officially a "Family" because there are three of us under one roof, we are making a distinct effort to do things together and to be present when the three of us are together. I think it can be so easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day stressors that we often forget about our loved ones today and focus more on the problems ahead. But not us, says I!

On Saturday morning, we took Emerson to an Easter Egg hunt at this beautiful mansion and gardens in our town. I realize she can barely grab onto things, let alone locate any Easter eggs, but it's an auspicious practice to expose babies to new experiences while they're young.... I think it promotes intellectual curiosity and wonder. Plus, I like being a little kid again vicariously. Bring on the cartoons!!!

The egg hunt was supposed to start at noon, but, given that 4 month old babies rarely adhere to anyone's schedule other than their own, we pulled into the mansion at 12:12. We got Em clipped into her car seat, and I kid you not... by the time we made our way to the grassy area with the eggs... they were ALL GONE. Not one egg to speak of. Ha! We learned our lesson for next year I guess. We couldn't help laughing at all of the kids who were crying their tiny eyes out because they didn't find any eggs, which is terrible but we find temper tantrums hilarious. I know for a fact I will eat my words in 2 years or less.

My new mission is to start taking "real" pictures of our family. My parents were great about taking photographs when I was younger. Though I didn't always like posing for them, I am so grateful to have albums and albums full of childhood memories, and I want that for Emerson. And clicking a few random shots on my cell phone isn't enough.

Emerson loves:
1. Playground swing 2. Eating 3. Sleeping 4. Mommy & Daddy. In that order.

Well, we didn't see the Easter bunny, but we did manage to get a few shots of her in her Easter dress :)

It must be a mom thing, because every time I look at her, I honest to goodness see the most beautiful thing God has ever created. Do other parents feel that way??? I'm gonna guess yes definitely.


  1. Oh yes I feel that way everytime I look at our two little ones! PS - love the outfit with the pink bunny on it super cute!!!

    1. Thank you! And thank you for confirming that I'm not the only mom who feels that way :)

  2. HER CLOTHES! she's killing me with cuteness.