Monday, November 7, 2011

This is what my weekend consisted of

Making this alfredo sauce and pairing it with spaghetti and bacon. A fat-filled dream come true.

Walking at a glacial pace on the treadmill at Snap Fitness while watching Serendipity. John Cusack is a cutie, in that weird, was probably a cute guy in your high school but you never noticed him, kind of way.

Discovering that we still own both a Playstation 2 AND the Family Guy video game for it and wasting 90 minutes of my day playing it. And then I painted a giant L on my forehead.

Spending TWO HOURS at Lowe's helping Jon pick out lumber for baby girl's closet. And when I say help, I really mean I sat on the industrial cart and looked at my fingernails while he painstakingly chose the best quality items for her nursery.  I knew I married a handyman, but seriously... the stuff this man knows how to do blows me away. I'm excited to share nursery and bathroom pictures once those projects are complete... hopefully in the next few weeks!

Taking a trip to Buy Buy Baby to buy buy some essentials for our sweet little nugget. I picked up some Carter's newborn-sized long sleeve bodysuits with matching pants. Some people tell me not to bother with newborn size, because most babies grow out of them quickly. Others say that their little ones wore them for over a month before switching over to the 0-3 month size. So I'm keeping the tags on just in case. But aren't they sweet??

I also bought her an infant-sized Santa hat, just to further her humiliation when I bring her baby books out on prom night.

Mexican food and fro-yo with my friends Heather and Skye, and her two little ones (who are adorable and are excited to meet their new friend!). We went to a place near here called Spoon Me, and though it is no Orange Leaf by any means, it did hit the spot.

Annnnd, since I have a slight problem... I may have ordered two more infant headbands for baby girl. Whoever told me it was an addiction was NOT joking. But I bought these two from an Etsy shop of a friend's cousin, so I feel like I'm just supporting entrepreneurship and am therefore justified.

Also, thanks to good old DST, I slept 10 GLORIOUS HOURS on both Saturday and Sunday mornings. I really need to knock on a giant piece of wood, but as of now (33 weeks and counting) I am still sleeping wonderfully and feeling really, really good. The pregnancy gods are being kind to me, so now I need to come up with some sort of sacrifice to keep them happy for the next 48 days.

What fun/awesome/unproductive things did you do this weekend??


  1. I want that fettuccine alfredo so badly.

  2. This whole post made me laugh. The Alfredo sauce sounds good. I'm John Cusack's #1 fan. I can totally relate to the description of your experience at Lowe's as I am also married to a handyman...

  3. Have you seen the headbands on louandlee on Etsy? They are darling, on my wish list for a future baby girl someday!

  4. The alfredo sauce was honestly amazing. So bad for you, but so good!

    Oooh, I will definitely check out that Etsy shop! There are so many shops, I like to get personal recommendations to cut down on my browsing time! Thanks for the suggestion :)