Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

This Kind of Love
I'm new breakfast treats! Maple & Brown Sugar oatmeal and Morningstar Farms veggie bacon strips.
Oatmeal made me sick in my first trimester, so I didn't touch it in my second, but now all of a sudden it's delicious again and keeps me fuller. And I recently re-discovered the bacon strips. I ate them all the time when I was a vegetarian, but forgot about them. Till one day I was walking in the frozen foods section and BAM! They called to me. Delicious, with the texture of a Beggin' Strip (like, the one for dogs) but I like 'em.

I'm loving.... the new single "Heartbeat" The Fray. They are one of my favorite bands, and I am probably biased because this was the first show Jon and I saw together, and we danced to one of our songs at our wedding, but I just love their music. I have a soft spot for the piano, so you can pretty much guarantee if a piano is playing in the background, I'm gonna like the song. Just ask Mr. William Joel. Big fan.

I'm loving....That all of my sweaters from Express STILL fit, even at almost 8 months along!

Thank goodness for super long sweaters and tunics that are still in style, they have saved my budget and have kept me from being the frumpy pregnant woman! I hope that by the time belly shirts come back in fashion, my child-bearing days are over. Actually, I just hope they never come back.

I'm loving.... The First Husband by Laura Dave.

It's the required reading for our book club this month, and sometimes, you just need a little chick lit in your life. It's so nice to break away from reading finance documents (at work) and reading parenting and childbirth books and feeling inadequate (at home). I'm only about 1/3 of the way in, but I am really enjoying it so far and just want to know what happens!

I'm loving... my 4 day work week! We have Friday off for Veteran's Day so I am treating myself to that prenatal massage Jon bought us for Sweetest Day, and I'm also getting a haircut. I'll be a brand new woman! Any hair suggestions?? I don't want to chop too much length off but I'm kinda bored with what I've got going on now. These bangs need trimmed for sure, I look like the Hamburgular.
Yes, YOU need a haircut!
What are you loving today??


  1. I loved the first husband, such a good book! hope you're having a great wednesday! :)

  2. Oooh I need to check out that book and possibly recommend it to my book club. You look like the Hamburglar? HA! Doubtful. :) I always suggest the angled bob for a new haircut..That's what I have had, for, er, years... :)

  3. I swear everyone has Friday off except me. What is wrong with my company? Haha. Enjoy it! :)

  4. I work for the state, so that's why :)

    Yes, The First Husband is awesome! I am so tempted to skip ahead, but I'm holding it in.

    And thanks for the haircut suggestion! I have ALWAYS wanted to do the angled bob look. I've had layers for years and I'm soo bored with them.