Monday, November 14, 2011


My weekend productivity?

I accidentally bought this:

and this:

for the baby. That makes four Christmas outfits that she owns. FOUR. Did I mention that she's due ON Christmas Day? And that the majority of babies who are delivered naturally are overdue? So she could very well be born in January?? Yep.

But when I rationalized to myself that the baby needed a Christmas dress, because what else would she wear on Christmas day, surprisingly it just landed it my cart. I mean, we can't bring her home in regular old pajamas right?!?!

And so it begins....


  1. That is SO precious!!! Ignoring the fact that she might not actually arrive until after Christmas ;)

  2. You have no idea!!! Might as well get used to it...and then get a separate credit card just for baby girl purchases ; )

  3. I am really worried that this might become a disease! But the separate credit card idea is a pretty good one actually! Then I don't have to come to terms with my addiction! :)