Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's Ok Thursday

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.... to have a 3.5 page "To-Do" list of things that have to completed before your daughter is born and she's due in a month.

... to register for a Panera frequent buyer card just so you can get the complimentary chocolate croissant that comes with your registration.

... to think that men who cheat on their fabulous, gorgeous, amazing wives are the scum of the earth and are contributing to the downfall of our society.

... to have 7 lip glosses/balms/sticks in your purse, when all you use is the Blistex.

... to deny Facebook friend requests from people you haven't spoken to in 5+ years. Do you really care about getting back in touch with me, or do you just want to snoop in the hopes that my life is less awesome than yours?

... to admit to yourself that you are a nail-biter (for the 100th time in 27 years).

... to eat twice the amount of mashed potatoes at dinner than your husband. One for me, one for the baby. It's just math.

... to ignore the reviews of Breaking Dawn and be super excited to see it with your besties tomorrow. What critic is going to give a tween flick at the end of a 5-movie series a 4 star-review?? They would be laughed out of the break room, and they're only trying to save face, but you know they secretly loved it.


  1. I cannot agree more with every single thing you just wrote about. And I am going to one-up you. I have 9 lip balms/sticks/glosses in my purse. 9. Excessive.

  2. I refuse to read or listen to any reviews of Breaking Dawn until I see it...which hopefully will be this weekend! And I agree, the reviewers all totally loved the movie :)

  3. Screw those critics! Breaking Dawn is going to be amazing!