Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's Ok Thursday

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It's ok...

...that I haven't read the book for book club tonight (or last month's book for that matter). I like hanging out with cool gals even though I can never get the books from the library on time.

...that I've only worked out 1.5 times this week. I am not going to gain 50 lbs in 5 days, no matter how much cereal I eat.

...that I now have to use the powder room up to 10 times a day now (TEN!!!) That just means I'm staying hydrated AND baby girl is getting bigger! Good job, bladder.

...that I made Jon put my socks on for me the other day because it was just so much easier :)

...that I've spent way too much free time looking up Halloween costumes for the baby, which she won't be able to wear until next year.

...that I bought two pairs of the same shoe on Sunday, just in different colors. They are cute and comfortable and I feel great about my decision!

... that I've polished off an entire box of Blueberry Morning this week. But in my defense a) It's the most delicious cereal there is and b) The box is very tiny and c) You can only find this amazing cereal at Target, so I consider it a specialty item that should be consumed promptly.


Happy Thursday!


  1. LOL - I used to get my hubby to put my socks on all the time when I was preggo! And when you find the perfect shoe, you're supposed to buy it in more than one color! Ha ha!

  2. I'm not even a mom OR pregnant, but baby costumes are just too cute!! Happy Thursday, darlin!

  3. Is that cereal that good? MMM need to try. And oh gosh, I LOVE baby Halloween costumes!!

  4. Love baby Halloween costumes! So cute!