Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dream Laughing

For the past few nights, Jon says I've been laughing in my sleep. It's loud enough to wake him up, but apparently not loud enough for me to realize I'm doing it. So random!

What am I laughing at, I wonder?

Possible explanations I've come up with:
  • Even in my sleep I still find myself hilarious
  • I remembered a joke that I heard from earlier in the day, and my subconscious is the only part of me that "got it"
  • The baby is kicking me and I am finding it adorable, once again because even my subconscious thinks the baby is adorable
  • I've been having funny dreams that I don't remember

    Either way, I guess it can't be a bad thing.

    And just for laughs, check this You Tube fave out:


    1. I just sent that video to like 20 people. It's so cute.

    2. I know, when I watch it I laugh louder than the baby! Gets me every time!