Friday, March 8, 2013

Emerson 14 Month Update

Let's talk about something pleasant that doesn't involve house hunting. (In case you were wondering, we've been outbid on one house and were 24 hours late in putting in an offer on another house, so..... yeah. Things are progressing slowly.)

Let's talk about Emerson!!!!

Hurricane E in action

Weight: 19.5 lbs

Height: Probably the same as last month. You try getting a toddler to lie still for measurements.

Sleep: Still wonderful. Pretty consistent from 7pm to 7am. She wakes up sometimes around 10:00pm in a panic because she can't find her baby, so she'll roll around distraught until she finds her and it's back to sleep. Still falls asleep with her fingers in her mouth. I'll try not to be nervous about that just yet.

Vocabulary: She's now up to 50 words! Not that I count, or keep a running tally on my phone or anything. Favorite words that have been added this month include book, piggie, potty and turtle. 

Sentence of the month: "Up please!" She'll say up 3 times, and if you dare not to pick her up after that third request in a row, she will say up please until her needs are met. 

Runner-up: "Hi Baby!" when she sees her "baby" for the first time in awhile, aka an hour or more. She has more love for that darn thing (which we now own 4 of) than anything in the world. And I just saw that they no longer carry the correct version of her baby and I am breaking into a cold sweat. Running to check eBay.

Fashion sense: Awesome. Obviously.

Temperament: Easy. So easy. So happy. So fun. I am extremely grateful my stress level as of late has not been projected onto her. Though we get glimpses of her being a toddler (i.e. when she doesn't get her way) she'll fuss and protest momentarily, and then will rebound 10 seconds later. Just like her mom ;-)

This is also why I am convinced that this new baby will be the most high-maintenance (yet adorable) baby ever. No one gets lucky enough to have two easy kiddos. No one. 

Favorite Book:  Perfect Piggies! by Sandra Boynton. See new words added above.

Favorite Foods: Crackers. Good gracious that girl loves her crackers. And she doesn't discriminate. Ritz. Goldfish. Graham. Saltine. She loves them all. Still won't really eat meat, but eats a good variety of foods. She also has started loving peanut butter.

Her typical lunch

Favorite new hangout spot: COSI. Now that she can walk/run, girlfriend is just on the go! We took her to COSI a few weekends ago, and she had a blast! I love watching her interact with the world. Everything is exciting to a toddler. Everything.

Tolerance for cuddling: High. She loves it. Holding on to that for as long as I can.

Mom's Final Thoughts: Still think she's one of the greatest examples that I've done okay in life. Though I'm getting more and more tired, and huge, and running out of energy, I am trying to savor these last few weeks with her as my only "baby."


  1. she is adorable!!! My daughter doesn't want anything to do with meat right now (14 months). What do you put in your roll-ups? I haven't tried those yet.

  2. Emerson is so so cute! I love reading all about her updates. And to let you know and give you some hope, my SIL has two pretty easygoing perfect children. After her first I was sure they wouldn't get that lucky again but they did! So maybe you will too. :)

  3. OMG she looks beyond cute in that outfit! Sorry to hear the house hunting isn't going as planned, but I have recently learned everything happens for a reason. Um, can I come eat lunch with E? Wow kid eats some yummy foods. Hope you all have a great weekend!