Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Future gold medalist

Hi friends!

Though she will not be eligible for the Summer Olympics until 2028, I feel like Miss Emerson has a future in gymnastics, pole vaulting, diving, and possibly bungee jumping if that is an official sport by then.

Watch the video below and I dare you to disagree.

That right there folks is a Jenny Jump Up. At first I was skeptical (My baby dangling from a door frame?!?!), but oh my word.... it has become the greatest thing in our house. Baby girlfriend goes absolutely apesh*t crazy over this contraption. (Please don't judge me that I put her in there backwards. It has the same effect.) I love that it kind of looks like a strawberry with the top cut off. Right??

If she has her mommy's athleticism, her dreams of winning a gold medal some day will be dashed. However, her patriotism is admirable.


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  1. The video is too cute. Apparently your daughter and I have similar fashion taste: