Thursday, August 2, 2012

What's Up to My Cup

(A million points for any of you out there that get that obscure title reference).

Babies are funny. Emerson does not have a shortage on toys (or clothes or baby food for that matter). She's got toys in every room of the house. Literally every room. We need to have a source of entertainment for her at all times. And when I say need, I mean, we do, even though I could stick a t-shirt in front of her and she would think it was awesome.

But her most favorite toy???

Stacking cups.

She loves these cups. L-O-V-E-S them. Her face lights up when there's a cup in sight. She is *this close* to crawling, and I swear that it's because her cups are scattered throughout the whole house, and she will army crawl/roll to get a cup that's across the room. It is her mission in life, I think.

But seriously, of all the things, THIS is her jam? I think some day for baby #2 (more on that later), I will save our money on toys and clothes and just buy plastic things from the dollar store. No joke.

In other mommy-related news that no one cares about, yesterday was the 30 week mark! Emerson has been out of my belly almost as long as she was in.

Here I am at 30 weeks in:

And here we are 30 weeks out:

My stomach is smaller, definitely, but I still have the "mom pouch" going on. I am joining Shannon's "300/30 Day Ab Challenge" and so naturally, I will have a six pack in 30 days. That's just how the world works.


  1. you look great!! oh, stacking cups. i kind of miss those too.

  2. on that note, i may go stack my tupperware.

  3. you look amazing at 30 weeks out! :) I hope I look as good as you do in 42 weeks!