Thursday, August 23, 2012

Audra Lately

Here is a summary of my life right now:

The students are back. I love this time of year, I love working on a college campus, but I barely have time to catch my breath. Oh well - better busy than bored I guess!

I am super stoked to be going to Nashville for my sisters wedding next weekend! This summer has flown by, and I can't even believe it's already here. I feel like just yesterday I was posting about this, and here we are! I know nothing about Nashville. I want to take Emerson to do something fun in our free time - any suggestions???

Jon and I decided that we're going to put our house up for sale next summer. YAY! And also, holy sh%^! We have some work to do to make the house perfect, but considering every single room of the house has been or will be renovated by the time we sell, I am feeling optimistic about it. But seriously, nothing makes me feel more like an adult (except for having a baby that is) than the idea that I might sell my first house. Crazy!

I am sticking to my no-sugar kick - are you as shocked as I am?!? Except for sugar in tomato sauce and Cinnabon coffee creamer, I've only indulged in sugar one time in the last 4 weeks.

One of the perks of not being pregnant in the fall is getting to wear cute high heels again. I bought these two pairs of pumps from Target, can't wait to try them out! It's kind of my MO to buy the same thing in multiple colors, don't judge. I have simple tastes.

Jon started his new job last week, and it's going great! He's home even more, which means more family time. This is one of the big reasons we are looking to sell though, because his home "office" is in our dining room, which has also morphed into Emerson's play room. Kinda hard to work when you're listening to "Welcome to our learning farm, we've got lots to show you"

I'm hoping to catch up with the outside world soon, but until then.... thank God for coffee.


  1. Ha! I've turned that lovely song off many times on that push toy. I just love the New Yorker voice that says "Thanks for calling!"

    Anyway- Good luck with prepping the house and the selling process. I know it is in our future, but hoping you can provide lots of tips along the way:o)

  2. I am loving those nude pumps! I can't wait for fall fashion myself. I popped over here from LLoL - newest follower!