Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weekend Update

I am a terrible blogger!

But when you sit by a computer all day at work, it's really hard to motivate yourself to sit some more when you get home.

We had a lovely babymoon trip to Chicago this weekend! The weather was great, no traffic along the way, and even though it was a 6 hour drive, shockingly I only needed to stop 3 times to use the facilities. And buy snacks.

The trip started out perfectly.... Jon picked me up from work, and he had Sweetest Days gifts for his "girls." Two precious Christmas footed pajama outfits for our pumpkin, and a prenatal massage for me. Is he good or what??

No, sadly, I did not take any pictures of baby girl by the silver thing like I wanted to. We didn't make it to that area... but we passed it twice. So that counts right?

Instead, here are the things I accomplished while in Chicago:

Learned the premise of "Chicago Deep Dish pizza." I thought it meant that the crust was just thicker... I was so wrong!

Got to see my beautiful friend Andrea!

Nearly incited a riot in a taxi cab queue.

Received a lecture on the downfall of the American education system by another taxi driver.

Nearly had my eardrums burst by yet another taxi driver who blasted Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing" at full volume. As well as "Caribbean Dreams" and "Careless Whisper."

Had the BEST brunch I've ever had. Though technically I don't know if I've ever had a proper "brunch." More likely, I just eat breakfast really late. But anyway, it was awesome. We went to this little restaurant called Cafe Ba Ba Reeba. It's a Spanish tapas place, but they also have a kick-ass brunch menu. And a Bloody Mary bar. It's like a salad bar, for Bloody Mary's. I got one, sans alcohol of course, and I added two types of tomato juice, a pickle, a shrimp, a celery stalk, lime juice, horseradish, lemon juice, salt, pepper, Worcestershire, and hot sauce. YUP. The only picture I took ALL WEEKEND was of the Bloody Mary bar, but I took it with Jon's phone so I don't even have record of it. But here is a picture I pilfered off of Google Images:

It's even cooler in person, I swear!
Got "denied" from an exhibit an the science museum because we were 2) Not under the age of 10 and b) Not accompanying a child under the age of 10. Sorry baby girl, apparently being -2 months doesn't count in their eyes. You're still my favorite accompanied minor ;-)

Obsessively checked my phone because while Jay-Z and I were pissing off taxi drivers, Jon ran the "Spartan Race" with some friends. If you've heard of the Warrior Dash, it's like that, but apparently longer and harder. Look at these tough guys!!!

I have full faith in my husband's athletic ability, but all I could think was that he would trip, break his leg, and be out of commission when the baby gets here. All was well though, and he had a great finishing time! :)

And now I'm off to my regular monthly doctor's appointment. Except now I start going every two weeks. And then every week. Things are getting real!!!!!!!

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