Monday, October 3, 2011

Baby Bucket List

As I'm sitting here at my desk, typing things into my Astrid Task List Droid app, it dawns on me...

Holy crap. My life is going to change completely in 83 days. 

Yes of course I've had this thought before, but it still hits me like a ton of bricks.

I feel like I'm already in "nesting" mode. Nesting is a great little term for the period of time leading up to the birth of your baby when you go apesh** and clean, cook, and shop obsessively in preparation for your little one's arrival. Last night, after unpacking and de-tagging gifts from our first baby shower this weekend (pictures to come!), what started out as casually putting things into place turned into an all-out categorization frenzy. I could not sleep or rest until every baby item had a proper place. 11:00pm and a sore back later, her bedroom is more organized than ours. She also has more pairs of socks than any human person should.

Anywhoo, now I'm thinking about all of the things that I want to do before she gets here, baby-related or not. So, dear friends, I am typing out a list so that I can be held accountable to not only myself, but to all of you who can check up on my progress. Yes, I'm sure you are dying to check up on that. I'll keep adding to it I'm sure, but hopefully can cross things off too!

Audra's Baby Bucket List
1. Create a baby bucket list. Done. Success already!
2.  Watch "The Happiest Baby on the Block" DVD with Jon. Many, many mommas have told me this DVD saved their lives when their babies were first born, and helped them achieve longer stretches of sleep in those early weeks when you're basically a zombie.
3. Take a mini babymoon with my husband. Almost done. We have a trip to Chicago planned in two weeks!
4. Read at least 3 non-baby books. I already have Until Tuesday and The First Husband on my reading queue for Book Club, but I'll take other recommendations!
5. Re-organize the following places in our home: Master bedroom closet, attic, basement, dining room and let's throw in the garage if I'm feeling crazy.
6. Put up a Christmas tree by December 5th.
7. Go see at least one movie in the theater with Jon, and one with my friends (Good thing I already have a date with Holly and Jess to see Breaking Dawn in November) 
8. Continue working out at least 4 days a week, including prenatal pilates.
9. Write a blog post about the amazement that is prenatal pilates.
10. Have all Christmas shopping/wrapping done by December 5th. Haha, self. Good luck with that. 
11. Figure out how to use Skype and video chat.
12. Make and freeze 2 weeks worth of meals.
13. Take a "Baby Prep 101" class. Scheduled for 11/6! 
14. Enjoy sleeping in while I can! Everyone gives me that advice, but since I really don't sleep in now, I am finding it hard to force myself to do it. Maybe once the 3rd trimester fatigue kicks in I'll feel differently.
15. Get at least one video of baby girl moving around in my belly. It's so cute to watch, but she seems to move alot more when no one is around.
16. Update my iPod with some new tunes.
17. Find the local publication that advertises family-friendly things to do around the area. I know it exists, but I can't find it! And I want to make sure she gets to experience as many cool things as I did as a kiddo, from pumpkin picking to hiking to cheesy festivals and the like.

I'm sure there will be more to add, but this is definitely a start! 

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  1. Awesome list! Miss you so much! Have fun in Chicago, we went to Cleveland for our babymoon... It's something you'll cherish forever! Xoxo