Friday, October 28, 2011

Public Service Announcement: The Be Band

Ladies, if you are pregnant, bloated, will ever become pregnant, or will ever become bloated, read on:

I just have to give a shout-out to one of the best products I purchased during my entire pregnancy. I've used it for months now, but it came in handy SO greatly this morning that I almost kissed it. Ok, not really, but close.

What is a Be Band, you ask?

BeBand, $16.99,  Target
Well friend, the Be Band is a crafty invention sold at Target (there are more expensive ones on the market, but this one works just fine) and it is designed to save your money, tears, and agony on those days when your pants just.won't.button.

Let paint this picture for you. It's Friday morning. I'm already running 15 minutes late for work because I snoozed 3 times (ok 4- it's so dark out in the mornings, and I can't wait for DST to kick in next weekend). I find a shirt to wear. Then I realize that ALL THREE of my maternity dress pants are in the laundry. I realize quickly that a) I need to do laundry more often and b) I might have to go to work pant-less. I've only purchased 3 pairs of maternity pants because really, they're not that great, and you only wear them temporarily. Maternity jeans, on the other hand, were sent directly from God.

So anywhoo, I'm panicking because I'm already running late, and I have no pants to wear, and I don't want to wear a dress to work because it's freezing outside and my legs look like Casper's. What do I do?!?

Then I remember the Be Band. Essentially, this thing is just a stretchy tube top. It allows you to wear your regular pants unbuttoned. It creates this seamless look and no one is the wiser. So I pull out a pair of non-maternity dress pants, put a tube top around my hips, and voila! Problem solved!!! And no one needs to know that not only are these regular person pants unbuttoned, they're also completely unzipped. I am 32 weeks pregnant and certainly not getting any smaller.... there is no reason I should be wearing non-maternity pants. Haha! Take that, universe! The Be Band is tight enough so that your pants stay put, but it also doesn't need to be constantly readjusted. I actually forget that I'm wearing regular pants.

Check it out:

See?? Look how happy I look in regular pants!

And that my friends, is the most interesting thing I'll have to share all day.