Monday, January 27, 2014

Thoughts on a Monday

I found out last week that, at 29.5 years old, I have my first cavity. Womp womp WOMP. I was mortified. I'm that person who loves going to the dentist and hearing that gratifying "no cavities" spiel each time. My, how I've taken that for granted. Couple that with needing to get glasses and dropping a shelf on my foot (it's probably broken) and essentially, I am falling apart as a human. 

It's freezing in Ohio. Actually freezing. Tomorrow the wind chill is supposed to be -35 with a high of 7 degrees. Are those numbers even real? It's this time of year when I start looking for jobs in the Carolinas, so I have to be very careful not to make any rash decisions due to being cold. This is also why you will never catch me complaining about the heat in the summer. Humidity? Bring it on. Heat rash? Sounds great.

My 'Healthier Me' resolution is actually going really well! I am going to post an update in February, but thinking about how successful the first 4 weeks have been keeping me motivated! See? There's at least one thing I'm doing well right now. 

Proof that my children are better than me - take a look at these eyelashes that my beautiful Anna B did not inherit from her mother.

We started work on our basement this weekend! I am excited about the plans we have for this space. It's going to be a combination of playroom, office, bar, and entertainment area. Yep, all those things in about 700 sq. ft. It'll work. I swear. We have a vision. 

I mean, right now it looks like this:

But is made so much cuter with a smiling toddler right??

And our goal is to have it look like some combination of these:

Sidenote: We had about 45 cans of leftover paint from the previous owners that they kindly left in our basement. On Saturday night, I decided, hey, why not put these cans on Craigslist Free and see what happens? I kid you not, I had no less than 25 emails within 45 minutes, and within an hour all of that paint was gone. Did I mention it was blizzarding at that point? Somewhere down the line if you find me traipsing through the 'Free' section of Craiglist on a Saturday night, looking for people's used garbage, please have a talk with me about my priorities.

Happy Monday!

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  1. I have often found myself on the Free section at Craigslist...sometimes I'm surprised the goodies you can find!

  2. OMG NOOOO. I also am going on 28 years no cavities but I still get so much anxiety waiting for the first one!

  3. The cute toddler totally makes the picture. Also...I had my first cavity after Boomer was born. Rough stuff.