Friday, June 22, 2012

That's Funny Friday

That's Funny Friday is back!

Have you heard of the "alternative" trailers that are on YouTube???

These(in my opinion) highly creative clips truly show the power of editing, and make you see your favorite classic movies in a new light.

Mrs. Doubtfire.... CREEPY

Mary Poppins.... TERRIFYING

The Shining.... Happy 
This one is the absolute best - you can't believe that it's possible until you watch it.

And here are some of the funny clips I found on Pinterest this week...

So true!
Oh, the embarrassment!


  1. haha- love that last one about eating all the food in the house!

  2. Made my way over here after reading your How I Rock My Marriage post. What an amazing story!

    Love all the someecards! I'm gonna have to watch all the alternative trailers.