Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dear Bachelorette Emily

Girlfriend, you are adorable, and I am loving you this season! You are keeping it real and asking the guys some tough questions. I also think you see through the BS, which is more than I can say about any of the other recent Bachelorettes. After reading through Leah's hilarious live Bachelorette blog, I have these suggestions for you:

Ok, Doug. Used to like him, but watching him get all worked up over nothing was a huge turn off. Now I just want him to go.

Ryan = TOOL. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, but definitely the biggest.
Nate... who are you??? Doesn't matter, as soon as you started crying I knew you were done-zo.
Alejandro? You look greasy, and last night was the first time I've heard you speak. You won't last.
Jef, I think you're precious, but the mop top flapping in the wind made me gag a little. You have that shy vibe that Emily has, so I could see them working but not for the long haul. But the bonus is that they could share skinny jeans.
Sean, you're cute and sweet and southern but I just don't dig guys with blond eyebrows. It's a dealbreaker. Sorry! You'd make a great Bachelor though!
Arie - I like skinny guys, he has that dreamy vibe, but I read Reality Steve so I am torn as to whether or not I can love you.

Poor Charlie!!! He was one of my favorites. Please go on Bachelor Pad so you can have more TV exposure and find a nice girl.

Who's watching with me??? Who's your favorite Bachelor?


  1. AUDRA! You are my long lost bachelorette sister!!! I love this post! I have tried sooo hard not to read Reality Steve. I have done it in the past, and even though he was wrong for the 1st time ever (when he said Ali ended up alone), I can't risk him being right again. PS thanks for the shout-out!

  2. HA! I have been a Sean fan since the minute I saw him AND he opened his mouth (usually the 2 elements of looks+personality do not add up). I am pulling for him or for Arie, mostly because it is very obvious that she is giddy for Arie. And we want that for her! Knowing her background and having my family as "insiders" on her past (working at NASCAR), she is going to need someone who can roll with lots of media and kind of high-rolling. I think Arie might fit that mold a little better than Sean. Not sure how Jef would fit into the Southern way of life.

    I wanted to see more of Michael!! Sure, he def needs to lose the ponytail, but I really wanted him to blow the whistle on Ryan's dumb ass and for us to see more of his pretty face:o)

    Doug...I want to know more. I hate when people tease me too and probably would have been Doug in the room when he became super-sensitive, so I can identify! But, I think she gets a weird vibe from him and probably needs to listen.

    Do you think it is Kalon who she tells to "get the F out??" That's my guess.

  3. I'm watching!!! And Sean is actually my fave of all of them. I liked Doug and Arie, but I agree with Doug getting too worked up and he seems to perfect. Always having the right answer, reminds me of Brad. And Arie, I liked him at first but now he's kinda giving my creepy vibes. Plus, watch the way he kisses her. Fishy face kisses. Awkward. They're obviously not that bad though cause she keeps going back for more!! Ryan......HAS TO GO! Ugh, he's almost as bad as Bentley. Almost.

  4. Yes!! I wasn't going to watch but of course got suckered in and I'm so glad you posted this!! I do like Arie and I kind of secretly like Alejandro (I didn't watch last nights episode yet so now I'm eager to see how this turns out!). I LOATHE Ryan. Seriously, he's such a skeeze!! Ugh and don't even get me started on Kalon-the man version of Courtney anyone??? And I think I secretly like Jef....Ahh great post!!

  5. i don't watch, but charlie looks like a bad. i want him to call me.

  6. haha. so funny. totally loving this season but I don't have a fave yet. But I hate Ryan. lol. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my new outfit post. xo


  7. I just found your blog today and I'm loving it! I do a link-up on Tuesday's for a Bachelorette recap...you should join us next Tuesday!

    Anyway, I agree with everything you said. Although I think I love Sean a little bit more than you do. I keep hearing things about Arie and I hope whatever it is, isn't true. But I'm still hoping she ends up with Sean :)

    Can't wait to keep reading your posts!


  8. I am watching and Arie is my Fav...please tell me isn't the one Emily says "get the F$%& out" to!!!

    1. I definitely think it's Kalon! He is such a creeper, I can't believe I forgot to include his leering mouth in my recap!

  9. I just saw this comment. I am two weeks behind in the show...two months behind on my Blog, and loving every second of my baby girl cutting her first tooth :/