Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blog Hiatus

So... I go back to work in 6 days.

Though I love having a rewarding career, and working in higher education is one heck of a good time, I am really, really sad about leaving my baby girl.

The following fears are running through my mind:

* Will she hate me for leaving her??

* Will she forget who I am??

* Will she remember that I'm her mommy??

* Will she still calm down only when I hold her, or cry when she gets home??

* Will I miss every single aspect of her life, like crawling, walking, talking?!?!?

Everything is going to be okay right??? RIGHT?!?!?!

In the meantime, here's what Miss E has been up to the last few days :)

Hanging out with daddy and duckie, her favorite friends

First time at Panera... this face says "Mom, get the mac and cheese, not the salad!"

"Oh snap, did you see that touchdown??!" ~ On Super Bowl Sunday

And my personal favorite... Emerson sitting up by herself:

God, I just love this little baby.


  1. Everything is going to be fine! She will be your motivation to make everyday worth going to work and providing her with a wonderful life!

    p.s. She is growing so fast! Just beautiful!

  2. My husband and I work very full time. Going back to work is tough but we make it work. Evenings and weekend with my 7 month old are so special, he knows who we are. I missed the first time he rolled over, but the first time I saw it was special too, my daycare is great and they are pretty good about not telling me or the husby about his "firsts"-I think, so the first time I saw him crawl was like the first time he crawled, etc. I crockpot alot and save all of the chores for the weekend, everything else during the weeknights can wait. much luv.

  3. Ok, I've done this twice now, and no doubt it SUCKS. But, it's not a bad as you're imagining it to be. Both times I thought the world might very well end, and it was not nearly as traumatizing for me or my babies as I had anticipated. I will say, maternity leave in the US is way too short. I think it's crazy we have to go back to work after only 2 or three months. But, you'll make it work and soon you'll be used to your new normal. Good luck! You and Emerson will both be fine :)

  4. one more thing! I have a strict no telling policy with babysitters. If baby walks, crawls, rolls over etc for the first time and I wasn't there...it didn't happen. What do you know? I've never missed a first!

  5. Thanks everybody! I'm doing okay so far. I miss her terribly but I know she'll be just fine.

    Emily - I love your suggestion! No milestones at the babysitters, end of story ;-)

  6. I am totally with you!! The last little girl I watched, it was the same scenario, I promise that any milestones that happen with me 'didn't happen'!!!

    Let me know whatever you need me to do to make it easier on you! If you want me to send you pictures during the day I can, if that would make it harder, I won't... you just need to let me know what works for YOU!!!

    Love you girl! Hang in there, it gets easier!

    ps. no, she won't forget you!!!!!