Thursday, February 2, 2012

Alternate Reality

Today is February 2.

In another reality, Jack would have turned 1 today.

I would have had a one year old baby boy at home. We probably would have had a cute birthday party for him this weekend. Our friends and family would have been huddled in our house, watching him smash cake in his face. We would have had to open his presents for him, because his fine motor skills wouldn't have been up for the challenge quite yet. We would have gotten him some ridiculous gift like a Power Wheels car or a giant rocking horse.

But instead, today, my mom is coming down to visit. It's been so nice here this week, so we'll take Emerson to the outdoor mall and go shopping, grab lunch, and watch her giggle and squirm around.

Days like today make me miss that little guy so much. I love his baby sister, but we are not always granted the reality we desire most, which would be to have both of babies right here, right now.

Miss you angel baby.

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  1. I knew what day it was, but was afraid to say....