Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2 months

Baby Girl,

Please ignore the date up there that says Mommy is a week late writing your 2 month letter. Today is actually February 14th, and mommy is not late in writing this. 

And this is the first of many times mommy will stretch the truth in order to make you happy, I'm sure. So when you get a handwritten letter from the president, and his handwriting looks shockingly similar to mom's, just go with it.

You are 2 months old. 2 months. With an s. You have multiple months under your belt - congratulations princess!

Every single day with you is a new adventure. In the past week even, you have changed so much! It's like you all of a sudden woke up and realized that there's a whole world out there for you to explore. You are so much more alert, awake, and active. And if this is even possible, you get cuter and cuter with every passing day.

You laugh now. All the time. It is the cutest sweetest sound in the whole world. It makes me laugh too because it sounds so funny. Most of the time you're laughing at the ridiculous faces mom and dad make, but you also love bright colorful things, ceiling fans, weird sounds, and getting your diaper changed. That's right, you went from hating diaper change time to absolutely loving it. Most of the time it takes 15 minutes to change your diaper now, because we love just watching you kick your legs, giggle, laugh, and smile and the sheer ridiculousness of having someone change your diaper for you. In fact, when you had a major explosion the other morning at 6am, you laughed your head off at daddy's reaction to the contents of your very, very soiled diaper. I mean, like hysterically laughing. Which made me hysterically laugh. Oh boy. Am I teaching you that poop is funny?? Uh oh.

You are sleeping so much better now too. It's rare for you to have less than a 6 hour stretch of sleep at night. The other night you gave us 8 blissful hours in a row and I think I shed a tear. Of course, this is usually followed by you waking up every hour after that just to get a cuddle or two, but thankfully I don't mind your cuddles one bit.

In other 2 month news, I went back to work last week (another excuse for being so behind with this). It was so, so, so hard to leave you. Kissing your forehead as I said goodbye to you that first morning felt like my heart was breaking. I could just hear a sad song in my head as I drove to work, missing our time together and wishing I could win the lottery so I could be with you all the time. But then I got to work and it wasn't so bad. The week flew by because I stayed so busy. Having you to come home to is the absolute best reason to go to work. I rush home just to see your happy little face. I miss you like crazy when I'm away, but I'm glad that daddy and I can provide for you and buy you all of the pretty dresses college tuition that you'll ever need. And I know you're in good hands with our friend Skye, her husband, and their two adorable little ones. She sends me pictures of you throughout the day, and seeing you happy makes me happy because I know you're doing okay without me. But don't get used to it kiddo, I like being around you too much to be away from you more than 8 hours a day.

As if this week weren't crazy enough, you got baptized this weekend. It was a lovely little ceremony. Aunt Holly & Uncle Shawn stood up front with us as your godparents. Your family was there, and everyone was so proud of how good you did.

Not to mention how.freaking.adorable you looked in your baptism dress. It engulfed you, and you looked like a precious little cupcake.
We had everyone over to our house for a little reception. And when we propped you up with all of your stuffed animals for a quick little picture, you did the cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life and fell asleep and promptly fell over onto your stuffed bunny because you were just too tired to continue on. I almost died because I don't understand how any one little person can be so cute, but daddy has to remind me that you are our daughter, so of course every little thing you do will be the greatest thing imaginable to us.

I still spend the majority of my time staring at you. I just don't want to forget any moment I have with you, and I love memorizing your tiny features, as I know how quickly you're going to change over the next year. Well, 18 years. Well, I guess the rest of your life. Still, I will never forget how happy I am when I see you happy, now and forever. You are truly a joy in my life, and you are so loved not just by me and daddy, but by everyone who meets you.




  1. She's adorable :) what a sweet post, loved reading it

  2. so sweet, this post combined with all the pregnancy hormones = a crying lady at her desk.

    makes me so excited to meet our sweet girl! :)

  3. Beautiful. She's a lucky little girl :) P.S. I have to ask....where did you get her adorable headbands? DIY? Purchased??? I'm on the hunt before my Baby Girl gets here, lol (Johnnys June)

  4. Thanks guys!

    @ M... I get them from all over! My mom bought her a set from Amazon that came with 20 headbands and 20 bows in literally every color which was a good deal. Etsy is my favorite place to browse though :)