Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Hey friends! It's been awhile, so I'm checking in on the good old blog here. January and February have been lovely. Here are some updates in Audra-world:

Fitness. I'm on Week 6 of the Kayla Itsines guides. I'm not quite ready to share my progress photos (maybe next week) but OH MY LAWD. It's really working! Kayla herself is a tall, thin young girl who hasn't been pregnant three times, but I swear she made these guides with a mother's body in mind. I'm noticing the biggest difference in my waist and stomach, which are huge problem areas for moms because, well, our stomachs have been stretched beyond comprehension. Dare I say you can actually see my abdominals now? Well, my obliques at least. I think the last time I saw mine were in 2009, and even then they weren't all that impressive. Seeing the progress is keeping me motivated, plus the workouts are so different every week that I can't get bored.

But seriously, I almost die every time. This about sums it up:

Health. Still loving zucchini pasta, and mixing in some stuffed peppers, chicken chilis and fish tacos to keep life interesting. I will never give up coffee so don't even ask.

Daughters. Oh my sweet, sweet daughters. I live for them. Is there something in the parenting handbook that says you're supposed to love everything they do and say? Because I feel like I do. And I'm obsessed with the way Anna always looks at Emerson. She waits for her big sis to make a move before she can make a move. I love that they are guaranteed BFFs.

Anna is talking SO much, and can count to 10! Emerson blows me away with her reasoning skills and vocabulary. They are going to be two chatty Cathys in a pod, that's for sure. Sorry Jon! ;-)

Stole Daddy's shirt, still pulls it off like a boss.
Emerson at COSI. Future mechanical engineer? Probably. She would have stayed here all day.

House Updates. Nothing major. We (Jon) need a breather after the basement renovations, but I have been doing a little redecorating. 


Life Events. 2015 is like the new 2009. 2009 was the year of weddings. We had 6 in 2009, including our own. This year we have 5, and since as of now I don't plan on getting remarried in 2015, so 2009 still wins. We have three in the month of May alone. But thankfully, I love weddings, so I'm pretty excited. It's Gonna Be May, man. Andplusalso, one of those May weddings takes place here, so, yeah...

Drinking. Lots of wine. Napa has ruined me in the best way. There is just nothing better than a bottle of wine on a Friday night. We finally got to open a bottle we brought home from our trip last Friday (from our friends at Twomey) because...


Career.  ...I got a new job. Ah! The whole process has been taking up much of my free time and space and energy, but it's official. I start on March 2nd. I am thrilled about this new opportunity, but scared because I love my current co-workers and work environment SO much, and I will miss them terribly. However, I know this is the best move for me, personally and professionally.

Welp, that about sums it up. What's new with you, internet?

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  1. Congrats on the new job! What/where?! So awesome!

    Also, I agree there's not much better than a destination wedding. You'd be a terrible friend/relative if you didn't attend, right? So you're simply forced into a mini vacation. Oh darn. We've got another Chicago wedding planned for Sept and while it's no beach, I'm so looking forward to it.

  2. Thank you! :-) I'll let you know on Facebook (don't want to post it publicly, and your email isn't like to your name on here for some reason). I am so excited though! It's definitely bittersweet though since I have the best co-workers ever here at OSU. My last day will be a sad one!

    I know, 4.5 days in Puerto Rico = THE WORST! ;-) Darnit.