Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March-ing Into Spring

Hi blog friends!

I know it’s been awhile, but I have great excuses:

1) I started a new job
2) My entire household was affected with multiple illnesses per person
3) The weather has been amazing, which means we’ve been spending more time outside, and less time on the computer.

But because a sweet friend reminded me that Sponge Bob frightened them every time they came to check in (from this post), I decided it was time to clear him out of the way ;-)

Latest Updates:

Job: LOVE it! Though making the switch from higher education to corporate America was an adjustment, the culture and environment here are incredibly positive. People love working here, they love what they do, and that feeling permeates throughout the organization. Now granted, I’m only on week 3, but so far, I’m settling in quite nicely.

Fitness: I had to take a 2-week break from Kayla Itsines due to illness. I was going to keep going through to week 8 (this happened at the end of week 7) but I felt too weak, so I went back to Week 5, and now I’m back on Week 6. You follow? Probably not, but it’s okay. I barely do either. Still loving the progress so far and how much better my pants fit.

Girls: The best things ever. Both are going through phases right now, which are mostly fun. Emerson loves SINGING. It’s all day, every day. Singing, singing, singing. She turns everything she sees into a song. Anna-Boo is into dare-deviling. She’s climbing, running , and throwing herself into anything and everything, taking my breath with her.

Food: I have about 3 hours of quality time with my girls every night. I try my hardest to use those hours wisely. One source of stress that I’ve been trying to eliminate is the time I spend grocery shopping. So, I dipped my toes into the water of a meal-delivery service. I swear these things were designed for people like me. I love cooking, I love trying new foods, I love showing my girls what fresh ingredients look like (even if they arguably will never eat what I cook). But I don’t want to have to think about it. I just want the food to appear on my doorstep. And, like magic…. It does. We tried Blue Apron based on a friend’s recommendation, and it was good, but the food was way too exotic for my picky husband. Recently, we started using Home Chef and I am IN LOVE!!!! L-O-V-E. Like big fat heart love. Full review with pictures coming soon (and no, they didn’t pay me to say that, though if you click this link we both get $30 off your first order… so.... you’re welcome ;-)

TV:  Fortunately or unfortunately, I don’t have many shows on TV that I actively watch. When my kiddos are awake, it's eitherDisney Junior or bust. Well, actually, Emerson likes watching basketball with Daddy, which I love.

I binge-watched the new season of House of Cards, and because that’s such an emotional roller-coaster, regular TV just can’t hold my attention anymore. Now that The Bachelor is over (which, btw, #TeamKaitlyn), and with Scandal wrapping up here soon, I guess I’ll just have to… work out? Watch more HGTV? Take up knitting?

Ummmm, that's about it I think? April and May are going to be crazy-busy, so I'm going to soak up the last few weekends of non-packed schedules.

I hope you're enjoying March as much as I am! :-)

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  1. What is up with those second children? Daredeviling has to be a result of birth order, I swear.