Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Healthy things I'm currently loving

As I mentioned a few posts back, I'm using the New Year as an excuse to recalibrate my health and wellness goals. I know most resolutions don't stick, but if you don't have goals, what do you have? Or whatever.

So far, the no-sugar thing is going extremely well. I knew once I got over the hump, it would be so much easier. The first week was very hard, and I had headaches almost every day. But now, the cravings are gone, and I just don't need that sweetness at the end of every meal to feel like my life is complete. Honestly, I don't even think about it. I'm sure there will be lots of temptations, but so far, so good.

Here are a few other health-related things that are changing my life as of late.

Kayla Itsines

My co-worker introduced me to this lovely and terribly mean woman. Check out her blog and follow her on Instagram, and you'll see why I'm doing her 12-week Bikini Body Guide. The transformations are incredible, and the workouts are SO FUN! I mean, they're actually terrible because they're hard, but it's exactly the type of workout I love. It's efficient, you change your routine every day, and you sweat like you've never sweat before. I love how I feel after each workout, and I think this routine is very sustainable, even for a working mother of two.

I agree with her entire approach to health and fitness. I love that she doesn't even try to act like there's some secret to looking and feeling good. You work hard and you eat clean. It's that's simple. Love her.

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Have you ever read about the health benefits of this stuff? I add a teaspoon of it to hot water 3x a day, and I'm addicted. You have to buy the raw organic kind (they sell Bragg's on Amazon), and for $6 and no negative side effects (because it's made from apples, not chemicals), how could you not give it a try? The reviews had me convinced.

Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor

 Foam Roller

How have I gone this long without using one of these? This weird little cylinder is amazing. It really helps stretch out my muscles and it kinda feels like I'm giving myself a massage.

Clinique Age Defense BB Cream

No, this isn't going to make me skinny, but in thinking about overall health and wellness, I have to remember that I'm 30 now.I need to be using sunscreen every single day (I really should have been all along, but it's never too late to start) and I love the way this stuff makes my skin look and feel.

What healthy things are you doing this year?

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  1. Going to have to look into this chick and her workouts! I get bored with workouts so easily and then I find myself skipping them and then hating that I skipped them. Ugh, this vicious cycle. I've thought about doing the no sugar thing, but I never do well when I deprive myself of something. I need moderation. Or I just need to stop making excuses ;) I was just reading about the foam roller. I need one. End of story. And that apple cider vinegar - might have to give that a shot too. Maybe we can motivate each other?! I'm serious about that half too. I'm doing it. No excuses (except that it's $90!)!

  2. I LOOOOOVE my polar FT4! Haven't used it as much as I used to, but I do love it! Makes me feel like I can feel the burn with each workout. Good for you on the no sugar thing!!!