Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Family Room Makeover

I've been terrible about blogging lately, but I did want to share more pictures of our house makeover. Mostly because every spare second of my life (that I'm not with my girls of course) these days goes toward making our house into a home, and goshdarnit, I need validation! So even if it looks like crap, you have to say "Wow Audra, that's amazing!" so I don't feel like all of this time invested was a waste.

The family room is definitely my favorite place in the house. It's where we spend the most time, it's got a great view of the outside, and I can watch my girls playing while I'm cooking. We still have a few minor updates to make, but for the most part, it's done. I am thrilled with the way it turned out!

Here's what the family room looked like when we bought it:

And here it is today: 

Not pictured: All of Emerson's toys, which are covertly hidden and stored in that little ottoman to the right of the couch.

Note: Naked baby did not come with the house


  1. Beautiful!!! So when are ya hosting book club...or coming for that matter...because ya know we all wanna check out the new digs and your beautiful babies!

  2. Looks awesome!! I love that she's watching Sophia the 1st. :)