Monday, December 17, 2012

Pheobe or Pheobo?

Today we're going in for our anatomy scan. This is a Level II ultrasound that can determine how well the baby is growing, as well as screen for any defects that may not have been visible at the 12 week ultrasound.

Oh yeah, and they can tell us if our baby is a Pheobe or a Pheobo (aka boy or girl - kudos to you if you get that reference!)

I am terrified, because I have received bad news at an ultrasound before, but I am going into today with an open heart, and knowing that everything that will happen is out of my hands. And knowing that I can feel this little one kicking away in there as I type this (And Jon got to feel her/him kick too this weekend- such an exciting feeling that will never get old!)

Boy or girl, I honestly could not care less... all I will ever want is a healthy baby. Healthy first, happy second, and everything else is a bonus.

We're not going to find out today though. We'll have the doctor check out the goods, put B or G in an envelope, and we'll open it on Christmas Day - I can't think of a better present.

Last time, I rounded up all of the Old Wive's Tales I could find, and GIRL won. So I decided to do it again and see what happened....

Numerical Significance
Take your age when you got pregnant and add that to the month you are due to determine boy or girl. An even number means you are having a girl and an odd number means you are having a boy.

So 28 + 5 = 33 = Odd number = BOY

Craving sweet or citrus = GIRL
Craving meat or salt = BOY

Um, considering I've eaten meatball subs for lunch no less than 3 times a week AND I put garlic salt on everything. (Like, everything), yet I haven't touched a piece of fruit since September, I'll go with BOY.

Over 140 = GIRL
Less than 140 = BOY

This baby's heart rate has been hovering around 145, so GIRL in this case.

Clear & glowing= BOY
Not so clear and not so glowing = GIRL

Not glowing (unless you count pale pastiness as a glow) but my skin is clear. So BOY.

How you carrying, fool?
Carrying high = GIRL
Carrying low = BOY

I think I'm carrying this one pretty much the same as Emerson. What do you think?

20 weeks, 2011
19 weeks, 2012
I don't know why I'm scowling. Probably because I'm bigger at 19 weeks than I was last year at 20. That's what being pregnant 3 times in three years will do to your body!

Have you gotten uglier? = GIRL
Looking better than ever? = BOY

The myth is that girls steal their mother's beauty. That ship sailed long before pregnancy.

Morning sickness. 
Mildly sick/Feeling good = BOY
Feeling sick/very sick/sick for a long time = GIRL

GIRL. I was nauseous until 17 weeks this time (Ugh) and was with Emerson too.

Weight Gain 
all around = GIRL
all in the front all belly = BOY

Since I can still button my regular pants if they are low-rise, I think I'm leaning toward BOY on this one. My belly may be huge already, but it seems to be staying away from my other body parts (for now...)

Dream of a boy = BOY
Dream of a girl = GIRL

I've had three girl dreams, but no boy dreams. All 3 were early on.

Wedding ring on a string
Back and forth = BOY
Circle = GIRL

Reputable gender prediction websites.
Baby Center = BOY = BOY = BOY
Labor of Love = BOY = BOY

GIRL = 5
BOY = 9

What do YOU think it is? I won't say what I think, but I guess we'll find out in 8 days - stay tuned! ;-)


  1. ooooo I can't wait to hearrrr!!!

  2. So exciting!!!! I can't wait to hear!

  3. I hope your appointment went well!! Can't wait to hear