Monday, July 25, 2011

Fun with Old Wive's Tales

Friday is the big day - we'll find out for sure if our little one will be a little dude or dudette. We got a "95% guess" at our last ultrasound, but as most of you know, I don't really trust statistics anymore because I've been on that "less than 1%" side before. Stats are not my friend.

As long as little one is healthy and thriving, I am so excited to find out for sure. Last time, we decided not to find out the gender until we had the baby, and I only found out I was having a son after we knew we wouldn't get to keep him. This time, we knew we wouldn't want ANY surprises; we wanted to know everything we could know, as soon as we could know it. Thankfully, my doctor has been incredible and has really helped to allay my fears and anxiety with lots and lots of reassurance that our nugget is doing perfectly.

So to help keep my mind off the fact that I have to wait 4 more days until we get to see baby again, I decided to have some fun with all of these Old Wive's Tales I've read over the last few months. I don't take stock in any of them, and you'll see why. However, I thought it would be fun to tabulate and see which one comes out on top.... boy or girl. Annnnnd, here we go!

Numerical Significance
Take your age when you got pregnant and add that to the month you are due to determine boy or girl. An even number means you are having a girl and an odd number means you are having a boy.

So 26 + 12 = 38 = Even number = GIRL

Craving citrus = GIRL
Craving meat = BOY

I have been noshing on fruit like it was going out of style. I kid yoyu not, sometimes when I need a spritz of citrus and there's no fruit in the house, I take that plastic lemon juice extract out of the fridge and drink some. So gross.

Meat has been completely unappealing, except for homemade hamburger sliders, which I feel I could eat every day. So I guess for this one, I'd vote girl.

Craving sweet = GIRL
Craving sour = BOY

Now this one is the total opposite. With Jack, I ate a bowl of cream almost every single day. With this nugget, I have not been able to stomach sweets of any kind. Ice cream, which used to be my favorite food, is so sickly sweet to me that I want to vomit. Which hasn't stopped me from having it a few times, and it never goes well. Baby wins. But like I mentioned above, I have been craving lemons, so for this craving, I'd say definitely boy.

Over 140 = GIRL
Less than 140 = BOY

To help with my anxiety, I got a fetal heart doppler machine on eBay, and it was by far the greatest pregnancy purchase of all time. From about 8.5 weeks onward, I was able to pick up the beautiful sound of our baby's heartbeat, and it never gets old. And even though I can feel him/her moving now, sometimes I listen to it just to make me feel better. It's always in the 160 range. But so was Jack's, and he was a boy. But for the purpose of the OWT, girl wins.

Clear & glowing= BOY
Not so clear and not so glowing = GIRL

I definitely don't think I'm glowing, but my skin looks better than normal (to me at least) so I vote boy.

How you carrying, fool?
Carrying high = GIRL
Carrying low = BOY

I can't really tell, but if I had to pick one I'd say low. What do you think??
In the work bathroom, pondering my bumpal position
Have you gotten uglier? = GIRL
Looking better than ever? = BOY

Um, I can't really answer that. What a rude question. Tie.

Morning sickness. 
Mildly sick/Feeling good = BOY
Feeling sick/very sick/sick for a long time = GIRL

Girl all the way here. With Jack, I was sick in the beginning, but it was gone completely by 10 weeks. With this nugget, my morning sickness lasted until 16 weeks, and I still feel sick occasionally now, especially if I eat something that baby doesn't agree with. Don't even ask me about the rotten asparagus incident.

Weight Gain 
all around = GIRL
all in the front all belly = BOY

Ok, don't judge me... I haven't gained any weight yet. I blame this on being really sick the first 3.5 months, and I had a little extra weight from my last pregnancy to start out with. I promise I am eating healthy, and my belly is obviously growing just fine! As long as baby is getting what he/she needs, I don't care how much or little I gain. Boy wins here.

Dream of a boy = BOY
Dream of a girl = GIRL

I've had one boy dream, and two girl dreams. So majority rules on this one.

Wedding ring on a string
Back and forth = BOY
Circle = GIRL

Two times in a circle, one time back and forth. Me and Jon are thorough in our investigations. Again, majority rules.

Baby Center = BOY = GIRL = BOY = BOY
Labor of Love = GIRL = GIRL

GIRL = 10
BOY = 7

Girl might win on the Old Wive's Tale showdown, but I won't be convinced until the doctor says "Your healthy baby is a ....... " Until then, these pins and needles I'm sitting on are getting kinda uncomfortable.


  1. I didn't answer all of theses questions, but of the ones I did my "score" is:

    girl= 5
    boy= 3

    Who knows!!

  2. I'm so excited for you and can't wait to hear the great news when you find out!

    Also - "Have you gotten uglier? = GIRL Looking better than ever? = BOY" WTF so random?!?!

  3. I love these old wives' tales! i can't wait to see what you're having :)

  4. This is such a cute post:) So exciting that it's only 4 days away, although I know it feels like an eternity! All the wives tales told me girl along with my gut and I have a little boy;) So who knows?!? Good luck and I can't wait to hear!

  5. it's gonna be so exciting when you find out!!!
    xo dana