Thursday, December 20, 2012

Baby #2 Must Have Items

One of the benefits to having a second baby so close in age to the first is that you "have everything." The knowledge, the wisdom, the experience, and tons of baby crap that you can recycle and use with your second child. 

It feels like I just put some baby stuff away (Boppy, Rock N Play, baby bath tub, etc.) and now we'll be dragging it all back out in just a few short months. Though we do have alot of the essentials, there are still some things we'll need to purchase before May. Not everything is absolutely critical, but it would sure make my life easier! And life with 2under2 is better when it's easy, right??

Baby #2 Must Have Items

Baby #2 Must Have Items by audra5909 on Polyvore

We bought this monitor with Emerson and we LOVE it! I can stalk watch her all night long, and it's clear as day. For baby #2, we can buy just the camera and it will sync with our current monitor, and we can pan their rooms all night long. Yay for concurrent baby stalking watching!

We bought a Baby Bjorn for Emerson and I used it all of 2 times. She was such a tiny baby and I just did not feel like she was secure in it at the beginning. But everything I read about having 2 kiddos is that you MUST have a baby carrier if you want to accomplish anything, and the K'Tan looks so cozy that I think we'll give it a try!

I plan to write an entire post about Emerson's obsession with her "baby." She has a ladybug blankie buddy and let's just say if she had to choose between eating and having her baby right next to her, she'd pick the baby. It's that serious. But I do credit this little thing as the reason why Emerson sleeps so well at night - she's got a friend keeping her company. It's so so soft and lightweight that I don't need to worry about it being "breathable" when the baby is younger. What I will do different with baby #2 though is buy more than one (unlike what we have for Emerson). Big mistake on my part. Big. Huge.

This crib seemed to have the best compromise between style, reviews and price. I bought it on Amazon on Black Friday, but after trolling nursery ideas of Pinterest, I have since exchanged the brown one for a white one. All the adorable nurseries have white cribs, and all of a sudden a brown crib looked hideous. I have my priorities straight. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime and free shipping!

5. Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller, Black
My sister, who has 7 children, recommends Joovy for their double strollers over any other brand, so I am absolutely taking her advice. This one has great reviews as well. Since B2 is due in May, I see many, many walks outside with my little ones next summer.  

6. JJ Cole Diapers and Wipes Pod
Am I the only mom out there that HATES carrying a diaper bag? Ever since I discovered the clutch, I rarely carry a purse anymore, so carrying a diaper bag feels like carrying ten gallons of paint. Therefore, I need to invest in one of these cute little pods for quick trips out and about.   No need to pack for an entire night away when you're just going to Target. Am I right?

7. Gerber First Essentials Soft Center Latex Pacifier
Don't get me wrong, I still love the Wubbanub. However, at $12.99 a pop, I'm going to try a different approach with B2. These pacifiers came highly recommended and are less than $3. Emerson never took a pacifier past 6 months (which I am grateful for now) but we'll see if new baby is a fan or not.

8. Conair SU7 Sound Therapy and Relaxation Clock Radio
White noise. Critical. The end.

9. Graco Element Pack N Play
We'll need a second PNP for trips and visits, since Emerson will still be too little to go in a regular bed. We have a Graco one now and I'm happy with it (though assembling the thing takes more finesse than I possess usually).

Moms to 2+... am I missing anything??


  1. The Joovy Ultralight Sit and Stand stroller- Best Stroller ever!! (and I've tried at least 4). Easy to manuver and more compact than most.

  2. I'm going to check on that stroller. I was thinking the city mini double just because i love our single. Are there adapters for infant car seats to snap on or do you just put the baby directly into it? I'm adding this one to my "to research" list! :)

  3. I've heard great things about the K'Tan too. We used the Moby for KP and I think it's pretty similar to that one. I loved it and once I figured out how to tie it it was a breeze.

  4. I tried and returned 4 different carriers and only kept the K'Tan. I didn't use it a TON, but it was definitely the best of the bunch for us. Mine was the K'Tan Breeze, which I liked because I mostly carried her like that in the summer. I used it in airports and when we grocery shopped and mine was too small to sit up in the cart. Sprout Soup has a lending program where you can test drive any of them before you buy. I will do that next time!

  5. I am also due in May 2013 and come across your lovely blog searching for "how to prepare for baby #2". Love your post!

  6. Audra- We have that same Joovy stroller and I've been really happy with it! It's easy to use, has a huge storage basket (I walk to the grocery store sometimes with it... fits a ton!) and was extremely reasonable price wise. 2 thumbs up from me!

  7. I have the JJ Cole clutch and it's awesome. I also hate dragging bags everywhere and like to keep it minimal. Funny enough, I have a Maya ring sling but I am also considering the K'tan Breeze (live in hot climate). I didn't have a bouncer with the first one so I am also taking a look at the Bjorn Babysitter as my only splurge. Still don't know about the stroller, but will check out the Joovy. I LOVE my friend's Bumbleride Indie double (huge canopy), but I don't want to pay that much. For sound noise, we love our Marpac Sound Conditioner (you can check reviews on Amazon).