Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It's Gonna Be May (Part 2)

Hey friends!! 

Remember me? More importantly, remember this post from exactly a year ago??? If not, let me remind you... 

In addition to being the impetus for the greatest meme possibly of all-time, May 2013 was basically the most chaotic month of my entire life. 

May 2014, on the other hand?? It's gonna be PKA. Pretty Kick Ass. Yes, I made that up, and yes I think I'm so super cool.

Let's take a look at what's coming up:

May 3: One of my favorite people, Kristen, is also turning 30 this month, so we decided to host a joint 30th birthday party this weekend. And since Saturday also happens to be the Kentucky Derby, some of our awesome friends had the awesome idea to have a "Derby 30" party instead of a "Dirty 30" one, because we're classy and whatnot. Here's a sneak peek at our invitation:

There may or may not be an after-party playing lunar bowling, because why not? That's normal 30-year old behavior.

May 8: It's the 1-year anniversary of moving into our house. Also known as that one time moving put me into labor. I'll hopefully have some new house update pictures to share with my new DSLR!

Just so very pregnant.
May 9: My beautiful, beautiful daughter Anna will be turning 1!!! It's also our 5-year wedding anniversary! Pretty big day, to say the least.

May 10: Dun dun DUN!!!!! I'm turning 30 folks!!!! Plus, this is the anniversary of our proposal, which I don't believe I've posted about on the blog, so I think it's about time I do, since it was one of the most incredible days of my life. 

May 11: We're hosting Anna's 1-year birthday party PLUS it's Mother's Day, so, uh, I guess I'd better start cooking now.

May 17: My amazing husband will add some credentials to his name. Currently: Bachelor of Architecture. Master of Architecture. DIY-professional. Witty Comeback King. Best daughter-dad ever. And as of 12:00pm on the 17th, MBA. We are so proud of him!!!

 May 18 - May 23: To help celebrate some of the huge milestones mentioned above, we're spending 5 days in beautiful Napa, California!!!!! Can.Not.Wait.

May 24: Joining some of our besties in the annual Crawl for Cancer!

May 31: Excited to see this beautiful girl get married!

So, anyways, May??? I'm ready for you!

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