Thursday, April 3, 2014

32 things that make me happy

 Fun link-up today! It's dreary and rainy, but by 6:45am I've had two cups of coffee and I am feeling Happpppppy!!!! Clap along if you feel like a room... ah, forget it. 

32 things that make me happy...

1. My girls. My adorable, precious, fabulous daughters who are the center of my universe.
2. My handsome hubby who I love more and more each day.
4. Vacations. Also planning vacations.
5. Jokes. Of any kind. Especially bad ones.
6. Red wine. In small doses.
7. Eggs for breakfast.
8. Springtime. A sing a ling a ling time. <--MM Clubhouse.
9. A fresh coat of paint.
10. Finding coupon codes online and getting a sweet deal.
11. Warm Brie right out of the oven.
12. The laughter of #1. A sound that nothing else can compare to.
13. My job.
14. Thinking and reliving the day Jon proposed to me
15. Wearing jeans in my old size again.
16. Patios in the summer.
17. The smell of the ocean.
18. Lazy rivers.
19. Witnessing random acts of kindness.
20. Going to the Redbox and finding the exact movie you went there for.
21. When Kroger has sushi samples.
22. Just, sushi in general.
23. The smell of freshly cut grass and hot dogs on the grill.
24. Going to sporting events.
25. When my friends laugh at my bad jokes and act like they mean it.
26. Coming home from a long day and seeing the house spotless.
27. Reading the end of a book before I finish the middle.
28. When people I love get good news
29. I really can't emphasize just how happy coffee makes me.
30. Knowing all of the lyrics to a song. Or all the lines in a movie.
31. Chips & Salsa.
32. Home decorating.

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  1. This list makes me happy. I love #31, haha. And I too am never happier than when planning a vacation. Even happier when planning it then when actually on vacation to be honest with you because sometimes traveling can just be plain stressful! But planning is 100% fantasy land.

  2. I keep telling myself I will one day... ONE DAY... wear jeans in my old size again! Please oh please!!

  3. Hey Audra! I couldnt agree more with them all! Seriously! ;) xx


  4. I'm really shocked that not all the food and coffee references were right after #1 and #2. But then sushi and coffee made the list twice. #winning