Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's Ok Thursday

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It's ok...

... that I've had zero time for blogging this past week.

... to take a new job when you're 5 and 1/2 months pregnant if it's an amazing opportunity and a very wise career move (yep, I did that this week)

... to cram as many major life-changing things into one year as possible

.... to cry over commercials

... to be slightly annoyed when you let someone cut in front of you in their car and they don't acknowledge the gesture with a little wave or other thankful motion

... to be more than slightly annoyed when someone who is neither handicapped nor driving a handicapped person parks in a handicapped space and then runs their able body into the grocery store

... to like the book better than the movie

... that I care way more about all of the kicks the baby is giving me than other people do... it won't stop me from talking about it anyway.

... to listen to the same song on repeat even though it's 5 years old


  1. I hate when people don't wave in traffic either when I did a favor for them. I usually always think the book is better than the movie ;)