Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's Ok Thursday

 A new blog addition!
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... that I haven't changed the blade in my razor in about 4 months. Who would dare criticize a pregnant woman for having hairy legs??

... that it's getting harder to bend over and cross my legs - there's a wonderful reason for it :)

... that I had a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner last night. Ok, two.

... if I get annoyed when people give me unsolicited advice or opinions... if I want either, I will ask. The end.

...that I watched a childbirth video and gagged. It'll be fine when it's my own baby. Right? RIGHT!?!?!

... that I can't stop buying baby girl cute little outfits and accessories that she may never wear. It's impossible not to!

... that I spend hours every day just staring at my belly, watching it move :) :) :)

... that I snoozed 7 times this morning.

... that I miss eating sushi more than I miss running.

... if the name you like for your baby isn't everyone's favorite choice. The people whose opinions you actually value will love the baby no matter what you call her (unless it's Beavis or Butthead, in which case it's time for an intervention)

... to never spend less than $30 when I go to Target. Why must they have ALL of the essentials that I didn't realize I needed? Eh, at least it's not Wal-Mart.

... that I haven't been to Orange Leaf in almost a week...... SIKE! It's actually not okay. I better go for lunch.


  1. Girl I am w/ you on hitting snooze this morning! When you Orange Leaf are you talking about the yogurt place?! We have one here in Charlotte and it is my favorite!!!

  2. Yep, the froyo place for sure. It is heavenly!!!

  3. haha most things on this list apply to me and I'm not pregnant - oops!

  4. Oohh I would hate the unsolicited advice too! It's your baby and your life! Ah! I want a grilled cheese now...

  5. So, you're saying that sushi Thursdays don't hold as much magic for you? First coffee on Mondays and sushi on Thursdays...Think how happy you'll be in a few months. You'll get to have coffee and sushi again, and there will be a cute lil nugget to boot!

  6. Congratulations! I had a grilled cheese tonight for dinner yum!

  7. Unsolicited advice is so annoying! And I always spend way too much at Target! Thanks for linking up :)

  8. If anyone criticized you for that I would punch them! I never change my razor blade! OOOOS!