Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday is the new Saturday

I love Thursdays. I'm serious, I do. Sure, we all say TGIF, Saturday has the bliss of having a full day ahead of you before you have to go back to work, and Sundays are relaxing. But I LOVE Thursdays.

Thursdays are like Christmas Eve. You know that tomorrow is the only thing that separates you from opening presents. But the anticipation is so high that the wait doesn't matter. You feel like a little kid again!

Occasionally, we make big plans for the weekend that never come to fruition. "Oh, I'm going to do x,y, and z on my to-do list on Saturday" or "We're gonna go visit so-and-so on Sunday." But sometimes plans fall through, or we're simply too tired from the week to have enough energy for the weekend. Sad, but true. (Just ask my SIL who just started her first 9am-5pm job how she feels on Friday nights now!)

But Thursdays never disappoint. Even if you don't get the presents you want on Christmas Day, the excitement and the buildup will be there on the day before. This is what Thursdays are to me. Full of energy and anticipation and excitement, even if I know there is nothing "special" going on that weekend.

It certainly doesn't hurt that Thursday happens to be "Sushi Day" at work. The cafeteria chefs make made-to-order, fresh sushi, and everyone around campus knows how happy this makes me. Sushi is a gift from heaven. If you don't like it, I don't like you. Just kidding..... kind of.

I discovered this wonderful creation about 4 years ago when Jon and I were feeling pretty adventurous at a restaurant one day. Like most things that I deem "trendy," I had initially written sushi off as disgusting. And, like most things in my life, I eventually give in and discover why things are "trendy." (All of my friends are smugly smiling as they remember how I said I would never get a phone with the internet. I have the Droid Incredible now. It is awesome.)

Thursday also has the best selection of television programs. TGF Tivo.

So here's to Thursday: the most under-appreciated day of the week. I salute you.


  1. I love Thursday & I love sushi even more :) I hope you have a great day!!!!

  2. I remember a time I didn't like sushi. You made me eat it. Yay Thursdays :) I hope you enjoy your day off tomorrow!

  3. I will still say absolutely no way to sushi. Can we still be sisters??