Thursday, September 11, 2014

Our Labor Day Weekend

Whoops. I started writing this post last Monday.... I'll just pretend it's still Tuesday the 2nd, how's that sound?

Though parts of our Labor Day weekend were quite laborious (fittingly), I must say that it was a fitting ending to what has been maybe the best summer of my life. Summer recap coming soon! :)

To start, we had the opportunity to go watch "Frozen" on the Jumbotron at Ohio Stadium. As if I haven't seen Frozen literally 150 times and could recite it line by line, getting to view it in this completely different way was such a cool experience. I love my job!

Anna watching intently.

The girls were beside themselves, and Emerson is still talking about it!

"Mommy, I'm so happy I saw Frozen on the big screen! Mommy, the screen went all the way up to the ceiling!" Too cute for words. 

After sleeping in on Saturday, we decided to take advantage of the long weekend and do some projects around the house. While Jon and his dad laid tile in the basement, we took the girls to Home Goods for some pillow shopping. 

I wanted to add some more color to the family room, because the purple and gray was getting boring after a year, so these fun pillows and a few new accessories really spiced things up in there.

The real problem started as my eyes gazed from our new colorful family room into the kitchen. All of a sudden, the dark brown that was perfectly fine a week ago HAD TO GO.



And then once the brown was gone, the hallway color that I wasn't completely sold on as it was suddenly looked SO WRONG as well, so it had to go too.
And then I couldn't paint the downstairs hallway without painting the upstairs hallway right?

And then I couldn't ignore the fact that we never re-painted the guest bedroom after we switched it with Anna's room, so it was still the same baby pink, which is fine for baby girls but not for a guest bedroom, so naturally it had to go too!

We're just putting the finishing touches on it this week, so look for a before and after photo next week!

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